New Features and New 5Year Warranty-TRE Air Locker

Sat, 30 Sep 2017


New Features and technology:

Download PDF: New Features/New Warranty-TRE Air Locker

‘2-piece’ Forged Case Style Design

Never stop chasing better achievements, TRE 4x4 team is

Dedicated to the constant improvement and evolution of

our Air Locker product lines.

During the last few years, TRE’s Air Locker technical staffs

have been quietly moving from a ‘3-piece’ air locker case

design to the stronger forged ‘2-piece’ style, in addition

to packing some more innova­tions inside the TRE Air Locker.

Delivering a phenomenal 40% improvement in static torque

strength compared with the equiv­alent ‘3-piece’ design, the

‘2-piece’ style is now available across the entire TRE Air

Locker range. This means no new TRE Air Lockers use the old

three-piece technology anymore. Beside this, the stronger

‘2-piece’ style case is made from forged 8620 nickel

-chromium-molybdenum tool steel.

Forged Gears

Besides the updated case design, forged side gear sets are

Now being used across the entire TRE Air Locker production

lines. TRE side gears are made from 4320 chromoly alloy steel,

which has high toughness and strength. These precision gears

have an increased load carrying capacity and fatigue strength.

Forged gears are typically found in the most demanding

applications such as heavy industrial, commercial, racing,

and agriculture transmissions. From a metallurgical

standpoint, there is no stronger way to produce a gear. This

is because the forging process produces a part whose internal

molecular grain flow closely conforms to the shape of each

individual tooth. This cannot be achieved with other

producing ways.

New Warranty

TRE Air Locker utilized the ‘2-piece’ forged case and the forged

alloy steel gears, means TRE air locker will works more time on

road without problem, it makes TRE can offer longer Warranty

period to all customers. From Dec 2014 moving forward, all

‘2-piece’ Air Lockers sold are now supported by a 5 year

warranty free from defects in materials and workmanship,

increasing from the previous 2 year coverage.